Karl Read “Independant Woman” | Black Book Gallery

Karl Read “Independant Woman”


18″ x 24″
Screen print on Coventry Cotton Rag 250gsm Paper
5 colors with satin over print
Edition of 100
Signed & Numbered
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Karl Read is an artist, illustrator and designer from the South Coast of England. The last 10 years he has been blessed with a career that manages to combine them all.

Over the last 5 years he has been creating his own personal art, developing the skills he has learned from his commercial side of graphics and illustration and transforming it in to something that usually involves a stencil and a spray can. Whether its painting a big piece outdoors or painting on paper and canvas – to clicking a mouse on a Mac, he loves it all, whatever the medium.

Influences in his art come from popular culture, people and travel experiences. Karl created and used this image during “Upfest”, a live painting event in Bristol, UK then again at another event in Southampton, UK. This is Karl’s first print release and it is a beauty – Vivid colors and heavy ink on a very fine paper. The print was created by taking a high resolution image of an original stencil on paper piece – The resulting detail is amazing. Expect to see a lot more from Karl soon!


Edition of 25
Signed & Numbered
Includes Certificate of Authenticity


  • Stenciled gold spray paint on the headdress
  • Stenciled extra detailing/length of feathers
  • Added drips and spray that vary over each print